Kickstart Scheme Training

We’re supporting the Government’s Kickstart Scheme!

The Kickstart Scheme is a scheme implemented by the Government to tackle increased unemployment rates in young people, aged 16-24 years old. The scheme creates 6-month job placements for young people to get back into work to gain valuable experience and skills. As part of the aim to combat long-term unemployment, the Government have integrated employability training as a requirement to access the scheme.

This is where we come in – we’re proud to be doing our part in helping young people obtain long-term employment, even after their placement is over. Our employability training has been developed by well-informed individuals; teachers, recruiters and HR personnel alike, considering employability from the employer’s point of view, as well as the learner’s perspective.

A booking system on which you can arrange an ideal time to meet with your Employability Support Officer.

Kickstart Scheme Booking System Image
Kickstart Scheme Employability Support

Sessions with your Employability Support Officer, in which you can receive individualised feedback on your CV and Interview Techniques, with suggestions on how to develop your skills further.

Group sessions with your Employability Support Officer and others participating in employability training.

Group Sessions
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Our Phoenix Learning portal is accessible to all learners, with integrated features such as access to modules and learning documents 24/7. A personalised log-in and calendar, live chat in which a learner can provide extra support.

We’ve partnered with HARSAV Group – a government approved Kickstart Scheme Gateway. HARSAV Group are committed to guiding employers through the process of applying to the scheme, helping expand their workforce and progress their business. 

If you are an employer and wish to access the scheme and our quality employability training, please visit and register your interest today!